Bustr is an online free bbw dating app that offers big handsome and generous men and big beautiful and charming ladies a platform and more opportunities to get to know other people and date with them. With this BBW dating app, all those singles who are eager for love and romantic relationships can find their right persons with no need to go outside. You just need to create an account, browse other people’s basic information and the messages they post on the Bustr and if you have interest in them, you can contact with them directly. In the bustling world, all of people are in a hurry and most of their times are occupied by the work. Just little time is left for them to develop their romantic relationships. Bustr is your best choice if you want to find your lifelong companion in the busy world.

You can download this bbw dating app from APP Store, After you download the free bbw dating app, you are supposed to choose a picture or take a photo as your head sculpture, and enter the email address, nickname and password to create a new account. We would like to tell you that you can only create one account. And you had better not publish your personal and private information on the BBW tinder. 

And there are several rules you have to obey and requirements you should notice when using our fat dating app. First of all, you have to be at least 18 years old. Secondly, you haven’t committed crimes ever. Thirdly, your account hasn’t been suspended or removed before. Fourthly, you are not a competitor of Bustr and you won’t use the contents contained in the curvy dating app for any commercial purpose. Fifthly, you don’t reside in any country which America has embargoed, identified as a “Special Designated National” or placed on the Commerce Department’s Table of Deny Orders. If you have misused our App or use our bbw dating app for any illegal purpose, your account will be suspended or terminated. What’s more, you are supposed to be responsible for the messages you post in the Moments and your communication with other users. 

The bbw hookup app can be downloaded free of charge, but if you want to enjoy more features, you need to join in the VIP membership. 6 months of VIP membership is charged for 129.99 dollars; 3 months of VIP membership is charged for 74.99 dollars; 1 months of VIP membership is charged for 29.99 dollars. With the VIP membership, not only can you send messages to anyone you like, find the specific person by the search option and get a VIP emblem, but also you can view who like you, get extra three rounds in the QuickMatch game and get the priority to experience the new features. 

Bustr provides six main functions: QiuickMatch, Messages, Connections, Moments, History and Settings. With the QuickMatch function, you can browse other people’s profiles. If you slide your finger to the left, that means you are not interest in the person and his or her profile won’t be listed to you any loner; if you slide you finger to the right, that means this person attracts you and his or her profile will be saved and you can find them in “I Like” in the History function. With the Message function, you can receive message from your admirers or send message to the people you like. The Connection function displays the connection between you and other users. With this function, you can see how many roses you have received from others, who have viewed and favored you, and your favorites. In the Moments, you are able to view other people’s messages they have posted and you can give it a like or comment it if you want. Besides, you can also share you’re your life and feelings which enable them to have a better knowledge of you. The History function consists of three parts namely Matched, Like Me and I Like. Those people who liked you will be listed below the Like Me. And as I have introduced above, the account of people who you are interested in will be saved in the I Like. If you have interest in one of your admirers, the one’s account will be presented below the Matched. In the Setting, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications or not when you get a new match, a new message or something like that. In addition, you can reset the password or send us feedback if you have any good advice or encounter any problem when using our curvy dating app.