Get all your online dating questions answered in one article⋯


What should I say in my profile and how much should I share?
No matter what you say and how much you share, just don’t lie. We are all trying to portray the best of ourselves, but try not to shape your personality according to the date online. If you are honest, you will have better chance. Most important of all, do not think too much. Talk about yourself. What you like? Who you are? If you are funny, be funny. If you are not, don’t pretend to be. Do not make rude comments. You can write as much as you want, but be careful. If you write too much, you might be over-sharing. If you write too little, people can hardly know you. 

At last, choose a nice photo, but do not use boring photos to fill your personal profile. On the contrary, try some positive things. Choose one that shows you are doing something you like with your friends or family. You should also use some photos that can clearly show your face and body shape to let people know what you look like.

When should we meet in real life? 
The time for you to meet depends on many factors, but the sooner the better. This is not a talking platform. This is a BBW dating site. So once you are sure that you are interested in each other, ask them out on a hookup. If you wait for too long, they might think you are not interested and walk away.

I didn’t get reply.
This is a very common complaint, often from males. There are several reasons for such circumstance. Browse your profile. Is there any disappointing comment? Make sure the message you sent is not too short nor too sharp. If you need help, ask a friend to review your profile or post it on the social media asking for suggestions.

It can be difficult from the start, but you must think online hookup dating as a number game. Try to send message to as many people as you think that are cool. You will get some reply for certain and some of them will turn into date. Once you realize that the first stage is only starting to connect, instead of looking for the perfect one, you won’t feel so pressured.

Does online curvy dating really work?
Honestly, I don’t know if it will work for you or not. No one knows. It depends on individuals. I can only say that I know it works for some people, while some gave up before that happen. Of course, it has many causes, like your location, age, personality, preferences, etc. For instance, you are more likely to find someone when you are in city rather than in town.

I cannot tell you if it works or not, but I can tell you that unless you try, otherwise you will never know the answer. Just relax and enjoy it. You might not meet your significant other, but you can definitely meet some cool people and have a short but great time together.